Reflection on private practice…

Over the past month within my private practice I have been focusing on valuing the uniqueness of each individual I am privileged to work with.

Whatever brings you to counselling, I will aim to help you feel valued, heard and understood. I can help you identify the challenges you are experiencing and empower you to discover ways to cope and move forward in meaningful ways. I see my role as empowering you to heal, rediscover your strengths and increase your ability to trust yourself. I will value you as a unique, complex individual who brings with you all of your experiences, hurts, worries, joys and desires. Together, we will work collaboratively and with care, to help you achieve what you want from the therapeutic process.

You may be interested to know that I have some availability at the moment for new daytime, evening or weekend clients. I offer a free 30 minute assessment session to help us decide if we would like to work together. This can be over telephone or face to face. If you have been considering counselling why not get in touch and see how it feels to take a step forward on your path?

~ Polly

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