Mental Health and Wellbeing Training in the Workplace

I am really passionate about delivering proactive mental health and well-being training within workplaces. I have seen first hand what a difference it can make in terms of facilitating better communication between staff and management, encouraging openness and disclosure of issues at an earlier stage and sparking broader structural changes around workplace well-being.

Recent research published here suggests that many workplaces could be doing a lot more to support staff. It found that only 25% of employees experiencing mental health difficulties would discuss this with their manager. MIND in a 2016-2017 survey of 15,000 employees have found that 59% of people do not feel their organisation encourages openness and discussion around mental health. Clearly there is a lot more that can be done!

One really great way in which workplaces can do more is by offering proactive training courses (such as those offered by Crossgate) to management and/or wider groups of employees around mental health and well-being.

Benefits of offering this include:

  • Provision of a safe, structured environment within which to explore mental health and well-being in a group
  • Breaks down stigma around mental health through participation in sensitively facilitated activities and discussions
  • Equips course attendees with useful awareness, information and knowledge that they can use to help themselves and others
  • Encourages exploration of how the learning from the day can be taken forward in practical and creative ways

I have been heartened to be told recently that the following has happened over the past month following a training session I delivered to staff members:

  • Course attendees read the course booklets in more detail at home following the training session
  • Course attendees have had ongoing conversations with each other about their own mental health and well-being and about how to better support others
  • Course attendees have shared articles with each other and wider staff groups on social media platforms around mental health and well-being
  • Other staff members have requested to attend the training and have engaged positively with social media regarding the training course
  • Course attendees and other staff members have had conversations about how more proactive support can be offered moving forward & have expressed commitment to taking this initiative on

Wonderful outcomes to see!

If you are interested in discussing further how Crossgate Counselling and Training could help support your workplace around mental health and wellbeing please do get in touch!

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