Training Courses and Workshops

SHU ResourcesI am an experienced training designer and deliverer with over 14 year’s experience within the further education, corporate and charity sectors.  I currently deliver training for students and staff on student mental health, well-being and self-care for Sheffield Hallam University. I also work for Cruse Bereavement Care delivering training for bereavement supporters on working with grief and loss. I work with The Academy: S.P.A.C.E in Sheffield delivering training to Diploma and Foundation students on topics including private practice, self-care and working with bereavement. I also run CPD sessions on a wide variety of social context topics including Sexuality, Gender and Relationship Diversity and Intersectionality and Privilege.

I am an engaging, passionate and creative training deliverer. I am able to cater for a wide array of training needs that you/ your organisation may have, including:

  • Mental health, wellbeing & self-care courses
  • Mindfulness, grounding & relaxation courses
  • Empowering staff to support students/ employees with their mental health & wellbeing
  • Bereavement & loss workshops
  • Coping with change, loss and bereavement in the workplace

I am based in Sheffield but can work across South Yorkshire and beyond. I am happy to discuss any ideas you might have and can design bespoke, interactive training courses to meet your training needs.


“I found the content of training to be spot on for the audience and our expectations, which was not an easy task given that the group was made of a several different positions within the company. Presented in an engaging way the session was incredibly well run, exceptionally worthwhile and useful. Your training was one of the best I have ever attended and I have been to a good few in my life. You have a power of engaging, teaching and informing in a seamless way. It was also tremendous to see the ‘background’ knowledge you have about our profession combined with your superb expertise and experience on mental health”.

“This is a fantastic training day. It is extremely well-prepared, informative and engaging. Polly is an excellent instructor who delivers pertinent information with confidence, enthusiasm and warmth… It’s probably been the most important piece of training I’ve done in my professional career.”

“I would just like to say how pertinent and relevant this day was. It was useful on both a personal and professional level. The day was presented in a really engaging and involving manner by Polly and she provided a wealth of information and advice.”