Are you navigating a different sort of Christmas this year? You’re not alone.

As Christmas 2020 gets nearer, I’m aware that a lot of people are contemplating, perhaps for the first time, navigating a very different Christmas than what is usual for them. We don't know yet what the lockdown rules will be, but I know of a number of friends who have already made the decision to do things differently this year...

Online & Phone Counselling – What Should I Expect?

Coronavirus (Covid-19) & Online or Phone Counselling Due to the current Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis, a lot of people who perhaps wouldn't normally have considered online or phone-based counselling are starting to think about it more seriously. This may be because you are currently having face-to-face therapy and, for social distancing or self-isolation reasons, need to … Continue reading Online & Phone Counselling – What Should I Expect?

Event: Everything You Wanted to Know About Private Practice (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Come and join us for an informal, chatty, interactive evening where we will explore what setting up in private practice is really like, based on our experiences of setting up in 2017. We hope to have an honest, supportive conversation around your fears (and hopes) about private practice. We expect that we might dispel some … Continue reading Event: Everything You Wanted to Know About Private Practice (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Reflection on private practice…

Over the past month within my private practice I have been focusing on valuing the uniqueness of each individual I am privileged to work with. Whatever brings you to counselling, I will aim to help you feel valued, heard and understood. I can help you identify the challenges you are experiencing and empower you to … Continue reading Reflection on private practice…

Mental Health and Wellbeing Training in the Workplace

I am really passionate about delivering proactive mental health and well-being training within workplaces. I have seen first hand what a difference it can make in terms of facilitating better communication between staff and management, encouraging openness and disclosure of issues at an earlier stage and sparking broader structural changes around workplace well-being. Recent research … Continue reading Mental Health and Wellbeing Training in the Workplace

Should counselling services in Universities be doing more?

I recently read a thought provoking article published in The Guardian entitled 'How do you finish a phd when you don't feel you belong at university?'. In the article the author shares her experiences as a working class student within an academic system within which she has felt at times dis-empowered and within which she has … Continue reading Should counselling services in Universities be doing more?

Demystifying counselling ‘jargon’

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) recently promoted their useful Key Facts document on what to expect from your first session with a counsellor. You can find it here. There is more useful information on their website: This got me thinking about the counselling process and specifically the often unfamiliar language used. I … Continue reading Demystifying counselling ‘jargon’

Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

Did you know that 1180 students dropped out of University courses early in 2014 - 2015 citing mental health reasons? This is up 210% from 2009 - 2010.   The pressure that students can be under is huge and there can still be an awful lot of stigma attached to reaching out for help. It … Continue reading Student Mental Health and Wellbeing