Sheffield Hallam University recognition for ‘Humanities Wellbeing Team’

I was thrilled last week to be part of the team (alongside Dr Emmie McFadden) to win Award 2018 croppedfirst place in the Faculty of Development and Society (D&S) team awards at Sheffield Hallam University! We won in the category ‘Building a Great University’ for the well-being and mental health workshops and initiatives we have run within Humanities since September 2017.

The well-being programme we have run has been specifically designed to create conversation, break down stigma and encourage awareness and support around both mental health and broader well-being difficulties. Tailored workshops have been run for students at different stages of their study – meeting the needs of First Year students who are at the outset of their University journeys as well as for Third year students embarking on the challenges of final year and dissertation studies.

I am incredibly proud of the work we’ve done and the wonderful feedback we have received from both students and staff about the programme of work delivered. Huge thanks are due to Dr Emmie McFadden for working so hard to get this initiative off the ground and to all the other staff members in the Humanities Department who have been so encouraging, supportive and passionate. I’ve been thrilled to see the work evolve and especially to witness the student-led initiatives that have begun to emerge out of the department. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter entails!


One thought on “Sheffield Hallam University recognition for ‘Humanities Wellbeing Team’

  1. Katharine Cox says:

    Well done Polly on your award. I’m delighted you and Emmie were recognised like this. You’ve certainly begun a conversation in Humanities (and the wider university)! Like you, I’m excited about where this journey could lead.


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