Online & Phone Counselling – What Should I Expect?

Coronavirus (Covid-19) & Online or Phone Counselling Due to the current Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis, a lot of people who perhaps wouldn't normally have considered online or phone-based counselling are starting to think about it more seriously. This may be because you are currently having face-to-face therapy and, for social distancing or self-isolation reasons, need to … Continue reading Online & Phone Counselling – What Should I Expect?

Sheffield Hallam University recognition for ‘Humanities Wellbeing Team’

I was thrilled last week to be part of the team (alongside Dr Emmie McFadden) to win first place in the Faculty of Development and Society (D&S) team awards at Sheffield Hallam University! We won in the category 'Building a Great University' for the well-being and mental health workshops and initiatives we have run within … Continue reading Sheffield Hallam University recognition for ‘Humanities Wellbeing Team’

Reflection on private practice…

Over the past month within my private practice I have been focusing on valuing the uniqueness of each individual I am privileged to work with. Whatever brings you to counselling, I will aim to help you feel valued, heard and understood. I can help you identify the challenges you are experiencing and empower you to … Continue reading Reflection on private practice…

Should counselling services in Universities be doing more?

I recently read a thought provoking article published in The Guardian entitled 'How do you finish a phd when you don't feel you belong at university?'. In the article the author shares her experiences as a working class student within an academic system within which she has felt at times dis-empowered and within which she has … Continue reading Should counselling services in Universities be doing more?

Demystifying counselling ‘jargon’

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) recently promoted their useful Key Facts document on what to expect from your first session with a counsellor. You can find it here. There is more useful information on their website: This got me thinking about the counselling process and specifically the often unfamiliar language used. I … Continue reading Demystifying counselling ‘jargon’

Gardening as self-care in the ‘Outdoor City’

Jeremy Corbyn has recently talked about how valuable he finds his allotment for keeping balance in his life and it was fascinating to read this article today about Barney Bardsley's experience of gardening as a way of keeping memories and connections to a loved one alive. It makes me wonder about all of the reasons … Continue reading Gardening as self-care in the ‘Outdoor City’

Using Tactile Objects in the Counselling Room

Recently I have been exploring anew what it can offer to us when we engage with more of our senses within the counselling room. One way in which I have been doing this within my own life has been through the use of tactile objects such as stones or shells. Allowing ourselves to unhurriedly notice the … Continue reading Using Tactile Objects in the Counselling Room


There are lots of mindfulness exercises which can help calm you and allow you to become more present in the moment. This can be especially useful at times when you might be feeling stressed, anxious or 'not really here' for whatever reason. I like to think of exercises like this as things you can have … Continue reading 5,4,3,2,1…

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