Balance – upping the ‘good’ and ‘positive’ news you see on social media…

Do you sometimes feel like all you read about on your social media stream is ‘bad news’?

Do you notice that has an effect on how you feel about the world around you…?

Do you ever feel drained, disconnected or a ‘compassion fatigue’?

One simple thing that might help re-balance things is to follow some ‘good news’ or ‘positive news’ streams such as @PositiveNewsUK or @GoodNewsNetwork on twitter (you can also find them and other similar news streams on facebook and other sites).

We can sometimes forget that there is a lot of great, inspiring stuff also happening in the world, alongside the tragedies and travesties. This could be one way to bring a little more balance to your social media – to discover some interesting stuff that’s happening – and who knows how that could ripple out into the rest of your life?

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