Are you navigating a different sort of Christmas this year? You’re not alone.

As Christmas 2020 gets nearer, I’m aware that a lot of people are contemplating, perhaps for the first time, navigating a very different Christmas than what is usual for them. We don't know yet what the lockdown rules will be, but I know of a number of friends who have already made the decision to do things differently this year...

Online & Phone Counselling – What Should I Expect?

Coronavirus (Covid-19) & Online or Phone Counselling Due to the current Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis, a lot of people who perhaps wouldn't normally have considered online or phone-based counselling are starting to think about it more seriously. This may be because you are currently having face-to-face therapy and, for social distancing or self-isolation reasons, need to … Continue reading Online & Phone Counselling – What Should I Expect?